The UFC has confirmed this morning that they will be back in the London March 21 for their 11th show.

Last year the event was headlined by Darren Till, where he lost to the now owner of the BMF Belt Jorge Masvidal.

Make no mistake Till is again the front runner to headline this year also again. Having made his middleweight debut back at UFC244 against Kelvin Gastelum beating who many thought would be too much for the Scouse man, means he now has the pick of the anyone in the middleweight division.


The fight we could likely see at the top would be Till Vs. Whittaker.  Robert Whittaker the former middleweight champ who recently lost his title to Israel Adesanya .  With no title rematch on the cards, this fight makes sense. One ex-champ vs a real contender at middleweight, I feel the UFC would be silly not to make this fight as a headline event.

No fights have as yet been schedule so its all speculation at this moment.  MMA in the UK is on quiet the high at the moment which will make this UFC London card spectacular

Yoel Romero takes a shot at Israel Adesanya with “Captain Phillips” meme

Top UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero took a shot at UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya on Thursday night with a hilarious “Captain Phillips”-inspired meme.

Romero and Adesanya have engaged in a war of words on social media and in interviews lately with a potential fight between the two rivals on the horizon. With No. 1 contender Paulo Costa injured and unavailable to compete until next summer, Romero has been bandied about as Adesanya’s next potential opponent. Both men have said they have agreed to the matchup, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t been officially booked by the UFC yet as the promotion sorts out its Q1 2020 fight calender.

Always with a strong Twitter game, Romero continued to take shots at Adesanya on social media this week, tagging Adesanya in a hilarious meme featuring ‘the captain’ from the Tom Hanks movie “Captain Phillips.” Check out what Romero sent to Adesanya on Twitter below.

“I’m telling my kids this was @stylebender #iseeyousoonboi”

The caption in the meme reads, ‘I am the captain now.’

Romero and Adesanya seem locked in on a collision course for the UFC middleweight title. Although Romero is currently on a two-fight losing skid with decision defeats to Costa and former champ Robert Whittaker in his last two bouts, “The Soldier of God” remains a highly-respected fighter at 185lbs. Fans, media and fellow fighters all know how dangerous Romero and how much Adesanya is taking a risk fighting him. So while the fight may not make sense on paper considering Romero’s losing skid, it’s still a fight fans want to see.

At this point, Romero and Adesanya are just waiting for the UFC to send the contracts. Both guys want the fight, the fans want it, and the media agree it’s a reasonable matchup, so it’s just up now to UFC president Dana White and the matchmakers to send the contracts out.

Do you think the UFC will give Yoel Romero the next UFC middleweight title shot against Israel Adesanya?

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Israel Adesanya says Demetrious Johnson is top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya believes that ONE flyweight grand prix winner Demetrious Johnson is the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA.

Adesanya was a recent guest on “Ebro in the Morning” and was asked by the hosts who he believed is the top P4P fighter in mixed martial arts.

“The Last Stylebender” said that it’s “Mighty Mouse.” Check out what Adesanya said below (h/t TheBodyLockMMA.com).

“The best fighter in the world right now? Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson,” Adesanya said. “Unfortunately, he’s not in the UFC anymore but I don’t think he has anything to prove in the UFC.”

Between 2012 and 2018, Johnson was undefeated while fighting in the UFC, generating a 13-0-1 record during that time. He was the UFC’s first-ever flyweight champion when he won the promotion’s tournament for the inaugural belt in 2012, and he went on to defend the flyweight championship 11 times over fighters such as Joseph Benavidez, Henry Cejudo and Kyoji Horiguchi. He eventually lost the belt by split decision to Cejudo in their rematch in August 2018 and was later traded to ONE Championship for Ben Askren.

Since signing with ONE, Johnson has continued his winning ways, recently winning the promotion’s flyweight Grand Prix with three straight wins. Adesanya noticed Johnson’s performance in the tournament and gave high praise for everything he’s done.

“The guy, the way he operates at that weight class. He’s just so… it’s just different. Some of the sh*t he did, like when he caught the guy with a suplex flying armbar (Ray Borg). That was nuts. Who does that?” Adesanya said.

Though Johnson is no longer in the UFC, he has still looked amazing since signing with ONE. Aside from the split decision loss to Cejudo, Johnson only has two other losses in MMA, decision defeats to Dominick Cruz and Brad Pickett. His overall career record stands at an incredible 30-3-1.

Do you agree with Israel Adesanya that Demetrious Johnson is the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA?

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Joe Rogan and Israel Adesanya sing the praises of Jorge Masvidal

UFC commentator Joe Rogan and UFC middleweight champ Israel Adesanya recently sat down for a chat on the JRE MMA Show. The pair discussed a breadth of topics, including the recent BMF title fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz.

While the pair did not agree on the BMF title itself — Rogan liked the idea, Adesanya wasn’t so sure — they were unanimous in their praise of Masvidal.

“I feel like Masvidal is world championship caliber,” Rogan said. “100%”

“100%,” Adesanya agreed. “I’ve been a fan of that guy since way back. Everyone’s just finding out now, Street Jesus. I’m not a hispter like ‘oh, I knew him before he was cool man,’ I don’t want to be that guy, but I like his resurrection. I like how he rebranded himself. You have to do that. I see it in movies, I see actors do it, entertainment, you rebrand, new package, and then boom.”

As Adesanya implies, Masvidal has been going through a career resurgence. Though the last few years of his career have not been without losses, he’s picked up huge, stoppage victories over the likes of Donald Cerrone, Darren Till, Ben Askren, and most recently Diaz.

“He’s a different person now,” Rogan said, sharing his belief that Masvidal has reached his potential. “Now he’s what he could have been. He is potential realized. He’s at 100% right now…”

Rogan and Adesanya also discussed Masvidal’s win over Diaz itself. Both agreed it was an impressive performance.

“He beat the f**k out of Diaz in that first round,” Rogan said. Adesanya followed by complimenting Masvidal’s kicks.

Needless to say, the new BMF titleholder Jorge Masvidal can count Joe Rogan and Israel Adesanya among his fans. And the feeling is most definitely mutual.

What do you think is next for Masvidal after UFC 244?

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Israel Adesayna says ‘old’ Jon Jones is like a ‘suburban dad’

Israel Adesanya continues to take shots at rival Jon Jones as fans continue to clamor for a potential showdown between the two UFC champions.

While talk of a super fight has been rife for a while now, it only really intensified upon Adesanya dethroning Robert Whittaker at UFC 243. While there’s still been a touch of hesitation from both parties regarding when it’s going to happen, it certainly seems as if the fight will take place at some stage within the next few years – or potentially even sooner.

As opposed to avoiding the recent shots thrown in his direction by Jones, “The Last Stylebender” has taken it upon himself to have a little bit of fun with the UFC’s greatest ever light heavyweight star.

“You have to understand the culture of the internet. And [Jon Jones] doesn’t. He’s young [32] – he’s only, like, a year older than me – but he’s old. He’s like a suburban dad, which he is actually. So he doesn’t get it,” Adesanya told ESPN

Jones has been competing at the highest level of mixed martial arts for well over a decade now, with the expectation being that he has at least a few more great years left in the tank. However, with someone like Adesanya rising up through the ranks, you’d have to imagine he will be cautious with how he picks and chooses his next few fights.

Both men seem to have a lot on their plate for the time being with defending their respective titles being the priority. “Bones” is expected to go head to head with Dominick Reyes, whereas Adesanya is eyeing up a potential clash with Yoel Romero after a Paulo Costa fight fell through due to Costa’s injury problems.

Will 2020 be the time for this rivalry to finally reach a climax? Only time will tell.

Who do you think would win a fight between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya?

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Israel Adesanya is not interested in moving to boxing, and his reasoning is sound

Over the last few years, we’ve heard countless mixed martial artists call for fights with the world’s top boxers. This very week, Jorge Masvidal angled for a fight with Canelo Alvarez and Stipe Miocic expressed interest in a fight with Tyson Fury. Don’t expect UFC middleweight champ Israel Adesanya to follow in their footsteps.

Adesanya shared his disinterest in a move to boxing on a recent episode of Ebro in the Morning.

“This is where I’m going to end my career,” Adesanya said of the UFC (via The Mac Life).

“It’s silly. Why would I come to the proving ground of all fighting — the UFC — and then afterward, fight a guy and take away like 80 percent of my weapons,” Adesanya continued. “I just want to kick people. I want to strangle someone. I can’t do that in boxing. I don’t want to get into the clinch and then okay, break.”

The appeal of MMA, Adesanya continued, is that he can use all of the tools at his disposal.

“Same thing with kickboxing, same thing with jiu-jitsu, same thing with judo, same thing with wrestling, they’re all limited styles of fighting,” he said.

From there, Adesanya shared what he believes is the key difference between a boxer and a fighter.

“Everyone throws that greatest fighter, pound-for-pound, is Canelo [Alvarez],” he said said. “He’s the pound-for-pound — maybe —greatest boxer right now. Not fighter. You have to test yourself against another style.

“People say, ‘oh, after UFC, you can go to boxing and have one super fight maybe with Canelo and make a hundred million’. I’m like, I can do that in the UFC. I might be the first fighter to do that in the UFC,” he concluded.

What do you think of these comments from Israel Adesanya?

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Israel Adesanya explains how he would improve the UFC

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya says that he would like the UFC to give fighters creative control of their fight kit designs and also increase bonus money.

Adesanya was recently interviewed by Roman Modrowski of ESPN and was asked how he would improve the UFC.

Here’s what the UFC middleweight champ suggested:

“Definitely give fighters control of the uniform. I understand you want to have the fight kit — yeah, cool story, bro — but let fighters have creative control of the design of their shorts, of their attire. At least let the certain marquee guys, the guys in the top 10 maybe, have control of their attire,” Adesanya said.

“Definitely pay some of the lower-tier fighters a little bit more. Because sometimes they’re losing money. They fly extra cornermen in. They have to survive camp. I’m not saying pay them hundreds of thousands, just saying a little bit more, so they can take care of those costs,” Adesanya continued.

“Raise the bonus. It’s time. It’s been that way for a long time, $50K. It’s nice — don’t get me wrong — especially when you convert it to New Zealand dollars, but I think it’s time to bump it up to, like, $80K. And then for, like, special events, like the one I just had, the stadium show [for UFC 243 before a record live crowd in Australia], bump it to like $120K U.S.”

Adesanya’s suggestions are likely to be well-received by his fellow UFC fighters as these ideas would all go towards putting more money in the fighters’ pockets. The UFC introduced the Reebok fight kits a few years ago but for the most part the uniforms are cookie-cutter. Adesanya’s idea would bring back some uniqueness to the clothing.

As for his idea of giving more money to undercard fighters and to increase the bonuses, these are both things that would help fighters out all over the UFC roster. The UFC has not increased its bonuses in years despite having record-setting revenues.

In the meantime, Adesanya continues to chase a fight against Yoel Romero.

Do you agree with Israel Adesanya’s suggestions of how to improve the UFC?

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