Darren Till’s straight-talking PSA on social media hits the nail on the head

Social interaction isn’t the easiest when many people largely are stuck indoors, so social media can come in very handy as people look to stay in touch with others and keep updated with the lives of their favorite fighters.

But as well as the obvious positives, there are also some downsides to spending so much time on social media. Thankfully, British UFC middleweight contender Darren Till is on hand to serve up a healthy dose of common sense, delivered in his own unique, straight-talking way.

Speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Till went off on a mini-rant about social influencers, bloggers and celebrities who portray themselves as having seemingly perfect lives when the reality isn’t quite as rosy as that. After all, nobody’s life is.

“People only want to broadcast the positivity on social media, which is fine by me. I think there should be more positive than negative, and I do get a lot of negatives,” Till began. “But in your life, do not make your life out to be perfect. Do not make yourself out to have this and have that and be doing this and all of this as if your life is the greatest.”

Till said people need to be aware that the image of a seemingly perfect life can lead to negative feelings for those less fortunate people who view these posts on a daily basis.

“I see people, girls and boys, getting depressed because they’re comparing their own lives to these people’s lives,” Till said. “I don’t want to directly attack anyone, but bloggers and influencers and famous celebrity people, they’re coming across with this great life. They’ve got lots of money, the best watches, they’re always away, they’re eating the best food and all of that. But, at the end of the day, it’s all (expletive).

“I’ve been a poor man, and I’ve been a guy who’s OK financially. There’s no real difference, only that you can enjoy pleasures that you can buy yourself a buggy, buying a nice watch, but it’s not what it’s made out to be.”

Till’s Instagram feed certainly doesn’t fit into that mold. While he admitted he’s occasionally shown off the fruits of his labor – like his new off-road buggy – his feed is just as likely to throw up a shot of him doing something mundane, like showing his belly, or something bizarre. Indeed, his Instagram video of a jelly baby Adele singing to a huge crowd of adoring jelly baby fans has attracted more than 300,000 plays. (And for good reason. It’s amazing!)

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Losing the will to live here 😭😂

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It shows that Till’s approach to “The ‘Gram” is less about image and more about showing the real him. He just wishes other celebrities on the platform would do the same.

“People could see me on Instagram on the buggy, all chills, having a great time. But I still have my own problems in house, problems with life, as we all do. Posts like pushing my fat belly, that’s real life. That’s what every fighter’s doing. They’re sat there, they’re bored, they’re eating (expletive). They are still training, but everyone sees me training all the time anyway. … So I’m going to post what else I’m doing. I’m on the buggy, nearly dying, I’m eating so much (expletive), watching (expletive) Netflix while my underpants are all wet – we all know what from. That’s what’s happening. This is the real life.”

It’s true that Till hasn’t changed much at all from the largely unknown up-and-comer this writer first met in Dublin back in October 2015. He was a engaging, straight-talking character back then. Now, nearly five years on, the affable Scouser’s bank balance may be healthier, but his character remains exactly the same.

Till says that determination to be himself on social media may turn some people off, but he’s adamant that his journey will be done on his terms. And if you’re on board, great.

“I’ve lost sponsors through it and I’ve gained sponsors and this is just me – I’m not changing,” he said. “I get worked up, because this is me. I always said from the start I’d stay the same, I’d be the same. So, whether I’m posting positive or negative or whether you like it or not, this is me. You come along for the ride when I’m champion, when I’m a legend, and all this other stuff. Social media’s a good platform now to show that, but don’t be fake with it, don’t be posting all your positives. Post your fails!”

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Beat the lockdown blues and watch these 35 stunning finishes from ONE Championship archive

It’s officially lockdown season, so killing time watching compilation videos on the internet is probably something many of you have already started doing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

The folks at ONE Championship are also well aware of that fact and have put together an action-packed highlight reel to help brighten up your day with some of the very best finishes from the Asian promotion’s recent history.

All of the big stars are in there, with ONE champions Martin Nguyen, Aung La N Sang and Angela Lee joined by the stars of ONE Super Series, who helped bring an added dimension to ONE Championship’s events with their action-packed muay Thai and kickboxing bouts.

It all adds up to a 21-minute thrill ride of fight finishes, featuring spectacular knockouts, creative submissions and a few names who, if you’re not familiar with ONE, you may well want to check out again once the global coronavirus lockdown is over.

There are a whopping 35 finishes to check out here, so settle in, enjoy, and hit us up on Twitter to let us know whose finish was your favorite.

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Israel Adesanya reveled in Jon Jones’ arrest with a series of memes

Israel Adesanya saw Jon Jones’ mess-up coming, but that doesn’t “meme” he can’t rub it in.

It’s no secret that Adesanya isn’t Jones’ biggest fan and vice versa, as the two UFC champions have had numerous spats despite not being in the same weight class.

But after news of Jones’ arrest on multiple charges emerged Thursday, Adesanya couldn’t help it and, typically, expressed himself through various memes showing just how much pleasure he’s taken in Jones’ latest pitfall.

Don’t kick a man when he’s down …

And the memes kept coming. He also mocked Jones’ post just days before his arrest about not messing up while in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.

Testify!! *catches holy ghost*

And one more jab toward Jones, this time about him being a man of faith.

Leave Morgan outta this one ol’ buddy ol’ pal.

Middleweight champ Adesanya has expressed interest in moving up in weight to face light heavyweight champ Jones, even willing to go all the way up to heavyweight, but not after he’s done clearing out the 185-pound division.

The two haven’t stopped talking smack and trading barbs, but this one likely won’t be settled until they meet in the cage.

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How could Jon Jones stumble so badly at a time like this?

It was exactly one week ago that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones used his platform for good during this global coronavirus pandemic we’re all dealing with.

At a time when social distancing is paramount to stopping the spread of COVID-19, Jones used a meme to share some sage – if also snarky – advice with his 2.3 million Twitter followers.

In all caps, it read:




Now fast forward to Thursday, with the news breaking that Jones was arrested early this morning on charges of driving under the influence and negligent use of a firearm, among other things, in his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M.

How could Jones let this happen at a time like this when New Mexico is under a stay-at-home order? There couldn’t be a worse time for Jones to allegedly be drunk in public and shooting a gun.

We all know Jones’ history of run-ins with the law, which has included drug and alcohol abuse. Still, if you’ve been paying attention to his social media posts since everything went haywire with the coronavirus outbreak in this country, he’s been a breath of fresh air during an especially toxic period of President Donald Trump’s (lack of) leadership.

“Right now our part is to stay at home, stay happy, stay positive, keep a positive mindset, keep a positive outlook,” Jones said March 21 <a href="

Maybe Jones' arrest shouldn't be all that surprising. But it is – to me, anyway. Everything was going so well. What a shame.

I'll leave you with this from ESPN’s Brett Okamoto:

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ONE Championship stars deliver the positivity we all need during the coronavirus lockdown

We all need a little positivity in our lives right now, and the stars of ONE Championship are on hand to deliver.

A host of ONE Championship’s biggest names joined forces to share a message of support to their fans around the world as we all battle to cope with a new way of life during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Recording video messages from their homes, ONE stars Demetrious Johnson, Martin Nguyen, Sage Northcutt, Aung La N Sang, Angela Lee, and Vitor Belfort came together to send their positive messages to everyone as the world adapts to life during the global lockdown.

Demetrious Johnson, ONE flyweight grand prix champion

“I just want to give everybody some positive vibes. Take some time to enjoy the family and get things done that you don’t have time normally to do. I know a lot of people are going crazy. They can’t go to their gym, they can’t work out, they’ve got to stay on their fitness grind. Don’t worry about that. That’s gonna be there.”

Martin Nguyen, ONE featherweight champion

“I know the world’s going through a disaster at the moment. I urge everyone to please stay home, stay safe, be with family. You are not alone in this situation. The world will all get through this together.”

Sage Northcutt, ONE championship lightweight

“I know right now the world is fighting off this coronavirus and for so many of us to set back, set back our family, our work, the things we do in our day-to-day life. But our success comes in overcoming this hardship, and defeating it. So don’t give up, keep your faith up, stay strong and together we’re stronger. We’ve got this.”

Aung La N Sang, ONE middleweight and light heavyweight champion

“It’s important that we keep safe. It’s important that we stay healthy, hydrated and get plenty of sleep, because if our immune system’s weak, we can be compromised. So it’s very important our immune system is strong and our body is healthy. Stay safe, guys.”

Angela Lee, ONE women’s atomweight champion

“We’re all going through a very uncertain time, and I know it may be hard, but we’ve got to stay positive. Yes, life may not be like it usually is. There’s some things we have to change, things that get in the way. Trips canceled, fights delayed. But I can guarantee you there’s at least one thing that you can be grateful for right now. So let’s count our blessings. Let’s stay grateful, stay healthy, and we’ll get through this together.”

Vitor Belfort, ONE championship light heavyweight

“This virus affects every place on the planet. And the lesson is everyone is locked down, everyone is struggling, but I believe the lesson we learn is love your kids more. More time for you to dig inside of you. Who are you? What’s your identity? Remember, we are one – one people fighting one virus. This virus is so small, so tiny. How can that thing can everybody down on their knees? Don’t stay down. Stay positive. Get back up. Do as much as you can right now. Isolate yourself. Time now is in your favor. Let’s use it. Be smart. We are all one. Let’s go.”

The Blue Corner is MMA Junkie’s blog space. We don’t take it overly serious, and neither should you. If you come complaining to us that something you read here is not hard-hitting news, expect to have the previous sentence repeated in ALL CAPS.