Live! UFC Sacramento Results & Play-By-Play!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its way back to the ESPN+ digital network for this Saturday night’s (July 13, 2019) mixed martial arts (MMA) extravaganza, held inside Golden1 Center in Sacramento, California. Headlining the “Golden State” fight card is a 135-pound showdown between top-ranked women’s bantamweight contenders Germaine De Randamie and Aspen Ladd. In the UFC on ESPN+ 13 co-main event, longtime bantamweight veteran Urijah Faber returns from his brief retirement to show division upstart Ricky Simon that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks. In addition, local product and “California Kid” teammate Andre Fili throws featherweight hands with the venerable Sheymon Moraes. And let’s not forget the bantamweight return of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 champion Julianna Pena, who looks to shut down former flyweight titleholder, Nicco Montano. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 155 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 5 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time of 8 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “De Randamie vs. Ladd.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Fight Night 155 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Germaine de Randamie vs. Aspen Ladd — de Randamie def. Ladd by TKO (punch) at 0:16 of Round One
Urijah Faber vs. Ricky Simon — Faber def. Simon by TKO (punches) at 0:46 of Round One
Mirsad Bektic vs. Josh Emmett — Emmett def. Bektic by TKO (punches) at 4:25 of Round One
Karl Roberson vs. Wellington Turman — Roberson def. Turman by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Cezar Ferreira vs. Marvin Vettori — Vettori def. Ferreira by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Mike Rodriguez vs. John Allan — Allan def. Rodriguez by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Andre Fili vs. Sheymon Moraes — Fili def. Moraes by KO (head kick and punches) at 3:07 of Round One
Nicco Montano vs. Julianna Pena — Pena def. Montano by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)
Darren Elkins vs. Ryan Hall — Hall def. Elkins by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Livinha Souza vs. Brianna Van Buren — Van Buren def. Souza by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Benito Lopez vs. Vince Morales — Lopez def. Morales by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


135 lbs.: Germaine de Randamie vs. Aspen Ladd

Round 1: Ladd on the advance as usual. De Randamie blasts her with a right cross and Herb Dean jumps in early.

Final result: de Randamie def. Ladd by TKO (punch)

135 lbs.: Urijah Faber vs. Ricky Simon

Round 1: Faber with an early overhand right on the counter. Simon comes back with a left hook that backs Faber off. Huge overhand right suddenly floors Simon! Faber jumps on him and the referee intervenes.

Final result: Faber def. Simon by TKO (punches)

145 lbs.: Mirsad Bektic vs. Josh Emmett

Round 1: Bektric looking for right hands early. Emmett lands a right, tries a head kick. Counter right. One minute in. Emmett keeping his guard high, whiffs on a bomb. Low kick lands. Two minutes in. 1-2 falls short for Bektic. They’re swinging hard, but nobody’s landing. Emmett to the body. Bektic bounces a combo off his guard at close range. Two minutes to go.

Emmett fires a low kick, eats a jab. Bektic leg kick. Emmett overhand right bounces off the guard. They trade in the center. Stiff jab drops Bektic, who looks for a single-leg. Emmett sprawls, forces him to his back. Short punches from Emmett. One under the armpit badly hurts Bektic and Emmett pours it on for the finish.

Final result: Emmett def. Bektic by TKO (punches)

185 lbs.: Karl Roberson vs. Wellington Turman

Round 1: ESPN+ freezes before the start of the fight. We resume 30 seconds in. Counter left by Roberson, low kick behind it. Turman shoots, looks for a body lock takedown, gets it a minute in. Side control for Turman, who looks for a guillotine as Roberson tries to stand, he transitions to an attempted back take. Roberson spins into Turman’s guard. Turman tries an armbar, slammed and eats left hands. Upkick attempt. Two minutes to go.

Roberson avoids another armbar and lands left hands. More patient ground-and-pound. One minute to go. Roberson passes to half guard. 10-9 Roberson.

Round 2: Turman tries a front kick, lands a left hook, eats a straight left and body kick. Hard combination from Roberson. He gets double unders, gets pushed against the fence. Roberson reverses a minute in. He changes levels, can’t get it. Turman gets his favored body lock again and looks for the back. Two minutes in. One hook in for Turman. Roberson turns to face him, gets taken down. Two minutes to go.

Turman looking for the back, stymied by the fence. Both hooks in. One minute to go. Roberson spins into guard once again. Round ends there. 10-9 Turman.

Round 3: Body kick and straight left land for Roberson. Spinning back kick from Turman. Roberson lands a knee and puts himself in the clinch again. Turman takes advantage of this to take him down, then takes mount. Still there halfway through the round. Roberson gives up the back and powers through a rear hake choke, but is still on the bottom in half guard. Two minutes to go.

Turman retakes the back. Both hooks in. One minute to go. Roberson gets into guard once again, pulls his arm out of an armbar and drops three huge left hands. He stands over Turman doing nothing for the last 20 seconds. 10-9 Turman.

Final result: Roberson def. Turman by split decision

185 lbs.: Cezar Ferreira vs. Marvin Vettori

Round 1: Tentative start. Vettori runs into some outstretched fingers for a pause. Low kick by Ferreira, 1-2 from Vettori. One minute in. 2-3 by Ferreira, who shells up as Vettori opens up. Ferreira leg kick and right hook. Wheel kick falls short. Two minutes in. Vettori lands a left straight and briefly ties up. 1-2. Low kicks by Ferreira. Uppercut and leg kick. Vettori tries to swarm with two minutes to go.

Another leg kick. Vettori lands in the clinch. He tries to counter the next low kick. One minute to go. Vettori takes him down off another leg kick and takes side control. He moves right to mount, loses it, comes down into guard. Elbows from the Italian. 10-9 Vettori.

Round 2: Ferreira lands a hard left hand, dinged in return. Vettori keeping up the pressure, changes levels for another takedown. Ferreira returns to his feet, eats shots along the way. Ferreira whiffs on an uppercut and Vettori changes levels again a minute in. Couple of elbows by Ferreira, dragged to his knees briefly. Trading rights two minutes in. Low kick by Ferreira, good left hand. Vettori answers a leg kick with a counter. Straight left lands. Jab and leg kick by Ferreira. Combination from Vettori. Two minutes to go.

Another leg kick from Ferreira, who eats a flurry. Ferreira goes low-high, takes a 1-2. One minute to go. Ferreira shoots, stuffed with underhooks. Trading short knees. 10-9 Vettori.

Round 3: Ferreira tries a wheel kick and shoots, stuffed. Counter right by Ferreira and they start slugging at close range. He tries to change levels, denied. Low kick from Vettori. Check hook by Ferreira, low kick. He shoots again, can’t get the single-leg. Vettori with a hard right hook. Ferreira slips throwing a kick and Vettori takes him to the fence two minutes in. They separate. Staring at range. Two minutes to go.

Low kick lands for Vettori, who stuffs another shot. 1-2 connects. Ferreira tries a desperate shot, they trade rights, then a 1-2 by Vettori. Nasty 3-2 on the counter. Left cross on the advance. Ferreira tries a couple right hooks. 10-9 Vettori.

Final result: Vettori def. Ferreira by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Mike Rodriguez vs. John Allan

Round 1: Rodriguez advancing early, lands a body kick and they trade leg kicks. One minute in. Right cross by Allan. Rodriguez staying busy with front kicks, eats a right hand that kicks off an exchange. Allan to the body. Big left hand by Rodriguez on the fence. 2-3, combinations knock Allan back. They tie up two minutes in. Allen reverses position and throws Rodriguez down into side control. Rodriguez scoots to the fence but finds himself fighting a guillotine. Two minutes to go.

Allan going hard for the guillotine, loses it and hits the body as they separate. Low kick from Allan. One minute to go. Allan tries a Superman punch, avoids an uppercut. Body kick by Rodriguez. They trade on the fence and Allan takes one to the ghoulies at the bell. 10-9 Allan.

Round 2: Low kick lands for Rodriguez. Allan tries a head kick. Low kick lands. One minute in. Rodriguez looks for a front kick, lands to the body. They trade inside. Rodriguez clips him with shots and forces him to the fence. Allan ties up and hits a body lock into low mount on the fence. Rodriguez works his way back up, eats knees, but counters a takedown into top position. Closed guard. Allan with some elbows off of his back. Two minutes to go.

Not much from the top by Rodriguez. He gets a little lazy and gets caught in an armbar. Rodriguez slips out the back door and stands, only for Allan to jump guard on a guillotine. Nothing doing. 10-9 Allan.

Round 3: Rodriguez sending out kicks, Allan countering with punches. Allan takes a hard knee to the giblets. He takes a while to recover, but does so. Rodriguez tries a front kick again. Low kick lands, then a combination. Allan with some hooks as he backs Rodriguez to the fence. Allan counters a low kick with a heavy right hand. Rodriguez goes back to the low kicks. Allan to the body. Two minutes in. They clinch and Allan drags him to his knees, then moves into half guard. Good knees from Allan as Rodriguez stands. They separate with two minutes to go.

Allan re-enters the clinch and rips the body. 1-2 from Rodriguez. Trading punches. Allen backs him to the fence, blasts him with elbows and knees. Rodriguez trying to throw with him. Flying knee just misses and he surrenders an easy takedown. Back to full guard. Allan with some ground-and-pound. 10-9 Allan.

Final result: Allan def. Rodriguez by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Andre Fili vs. Sheymon Moraes

Round 1: Fili firing his jab, eats a leg kick. Moraes jabs the body, lands another leg kick. Another. Body kick by Fili. One minute in. Moraes lands a jab. They trade kicks in the center. Fili tries a head kick. Two minutes in. Moraes answers a jab with a right cross, then another leg kick. Moraes body shot. Fili tries a a Capoeira kick, then cracks Moraes with a clean head kick after eating a body kick. Moraes wobbles to the fence and tries to throw back, only to get blasted with a short right hand and polished off with hammerfists.

Final result: Fili def. Moraes by KO (head kick and punches)

135 lbs.: Nicco Montano vs. Julianna Pena

Round 1: Early clinch. Montano takes her to the fence. She changes levels, nearly gets an outside trip. Still has underhooks. Pena pushes her way off the fence, gets pushed back. Two minutes in. Pena goes for an outside trip, but Montano counters and lands on top. Looking for the back. Can’t get it, briefly in north-south then half guard. Two minutes to go.

Back to guard. Montano passes to half guard. Back to guard after some short shots. Pena turns for an armbar, loses her grip on the arm and surrenders side control. Montano looking for the back. Pena makes it to her feet, Montano still attached. Pena looking for a kimura, winds up on the bottom. 10-9 Montano.

Round 2: Side kick and head kick attempt from Montano. Body kick. Pena ties up, pressed against the fence. One minute in. Montano gets a body lock and drags her down into half guard. She stands over Pena, who gets to her feet and is now sporting some swelling under her left eye. Pena trying to snap her down, uses a front headlock to roll into top position. Two minutes to go.

Pena now dropping elbows. Still looking for a front choke. One minute to go. Hammerfists, keeping Montano from standing. 10-9 Pena.

Round 3: Montano shoots, stuffed. Hard counters from Pena. Montano fires a head kick, gets taken down on her next kick and looks for a leg. Pena on top in half guard. She clamps down on the front headlock for a moment. Back to half guard. Staying heavy. Two minutes to go.

Montano kicks her way back up, counters a takedown into side control. They pause to extract Pena’s arm from Montano’s top. Pena makes it to her feet, eats a knee as she does. One minute to go. Low kick by Montano, right cross by Pena. Hard left hook from Pena and she looks for the front headlock. Body kick by Montano. Jab lands and she takes Pena down into side control. 10-9 Pena.

Final result: Pena def. Montano by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Darren Elkins vs. Ryan Hall

Round 1: Elkins advancing, Hall circling. Half-hearted right hand attempt by Elkins. Elkins avoids an Imanari roll. Hall firing kicks, falls on a spinning kick a minute in. Elkins kicks his legs. Hall wheel kick, tries to pull guard. Elkins tries to follow him down but has to bail when Hall goes for a leg. Two minutes in. Faster wheel kick from Hall, pulls guard. Elkins kicks his legs two minutes in, lets him up. Body kick into Imanari roll, still can’t get it. Hall trying some spinning stuff. Spinning back kick lands. Two minutes to go.

Elkins tries a combo, falls short. Hall misses another roll, takes a couple kicks to the legs. Another wheel kick and this one drops Elkins! Hall locks up a guillotine, pulls guard, loses it. Back to the feet with a minute to go. Elkins ties up after avoiding a spinning back fist, separates, takes an eye poke. Spinning back kick and another flush wheel kick by Hall. His best leglock roll of the night, locks up a triangle in the scramble but runs out of time. 10-9 Hall.

Round 2: Another wheel kick skims off the guard. Excellent roll this time, still can’t get it. Elkins avoids a roll, comes down with a right hand before letting him up a minute in. Elkins tries a head kick, eats a body kick. Hall nearly falls over spinning, then floors Elkins with a counter left. He doesn’t pursue. Spinning Imanari roll, Elkins lands a couple of shots before disengaging. Two minutes in. Straight left wobbles Elkins again. Wheel kick into takedown attempt, can’t quite tie up. Two minutes to go.

Elkins lands a body kick on the break. One from Hall in return. Hall tries a roll, can’t get it. Spinning back kick attempt. One minute to go. Elkins falling short with shots. Spinning back kick, nearly gets kicked in the face during the next roll. Another straight left drops Elkins. They scramble on the mat, but Elkins lets him up. 10-9 Hall.

Round 3: Third verse, same as the first two. One minute in. Elkins lands a body kick on the fence. Hall side kick. More spinning kicks from Hall. Elkins doesn’t follow him down two minutes in. Hall runs away from him on the fence. Body kick by Elkins. Another one as Hall pivots away. Two minutes to go.

Near-miss on the next roll. Brief clinch. Spinning back fist by Hall, another roll. Elkins kicks his leg and stands. Hall still retreating. Body kick by Elkins with a minute to go. Low kicks by Hall, body kick lands. Hall tries a roll from too far out. Elkins body kick, 10-9 Elkins.

Final result: Hall def. Elkins by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Jonathan Martinez vs. Liu Pingyuan

Round 1: Trading kicks to start. Martinez advancing, Liu circling. One minute in. Counter right by Martinez as Liu steps in. Martinez with a counter left and high kick after a Liu flurry. Low kick from Liu. Two minutes in. Nobody really landing at the moment, just feinting. Body kick from Martinez with two minutes to go.

Trading body kicks. Right hand from Liu hurts Martinez and Liu marches in, firing a body shot and knee. Then ESPN+ dies twice in quick succession and only comes back with 30 seconds to go. Body kick from Martinez, who tries a knee and goes to work against the cage. 10-9 Liu.

Round 2: Martinez still looking to kick at range as he advances. Just feints from Liu a minute in. Body kick lands for Martinez, Liu comes back with a counter right. This is like a sparring session so far. Two minutes in. Martinez tries a high kick. I think maybe one real strike has landed this round. Liu circling, Martinez unable to cut the cage. Two minutes to go.

Liu falls well short with a flurry. Martinez tries another head kick. Counter right connects. One minute to go. Low kick by Liu. Martinez tries a head kick. Jumping knee attempt. Liu looks for a head kick. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 3: Finally a bit of life. Kicks from Martinez, flurry attempts from Liu. One minute in. Martinez overhand left. Both whiff on two-pieces. Liu low kick. Two minutes in. Liu to the body. Low-high. Two minutes to go.

Liu slips a bit while advancing. Martinez with a southpaw jab. Body kick from Liu. Out of nowhere, Martinez steps in with a knee that knocks Liu out cold. Terrific end to an awful fight.

Final result: Martinez def. Liu by KO (knee)

115 lbs.: Livinha Souza vs. Brianna Van Buren

Round 1: Van Buran with a leg kick and body kicks, flurries into the clinch on the fence. Knee to the body. One minute in. Souza with a knee. Short right from Van Buren. Battling for hand position. Souza tries a trip, denied by a whizzer. Two minutes in. Van Buren still pressing her against the fence. Souza exits with a left hook, nearly takes a head kick. Van Buren combo, Souza right hand. Another head kick attempt from Van Buren, forcing Souza back. Right hook and elbow land for Van Buren and she puts Souza back on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Back to the center. Van Buren lands a leg kick. Head kick attempt. One minute to go. She takes Souza down off a leg kick, can’t follow her down. Souza tries to milk a push to the fence. Van Burean eats some rights, answers the charge with shots of her own, taken down into guard. Souza drops rights and looks for the back. 10-9 Van Buren.

Round 2: Leg kick from Van Buren. Body kick. She catches one from Souza, lands a couple while the Brazilian is off-balance. Van Buren 1-2 as she takes a leg kick. One minute in. Leg kick from Van Buren. Flurry and body shot by Van Buren. Another hard flurry, dinging Souza on the fence. She continues to open up. Counter right by Souza, pushes her back with a couple of punches. Two minutes to go.

Van Buren connects on the fence again as Souza just stands there. More combos. Souza has not attempted a single takedown this round despite easily scoring one at the end of the last round. Body shot by Van Buren. Body kick, right hand from Souza. Counter right on the fence. she tries a knee and they take body kicks. Souza flops after taking a kick at the bell. 10-9 Van Buren.

Round 3: Souza with a spinning back kick to the body. Still no sign of a takedown, eats a leg kick. Another. One minute in. Souza leg kicks. She shoots into guard, has to fight off an omoplata. Van Buren spins to her knees, shoots in and picks Souza up. Souza tries a guillotine, loses it as she’s put on her back on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Souza makes it back to her feet. Van Buren with a hard flurry on the break. Souza wheel kick just misses, right hand lands. One minute to go. 1-2s from Van Buren. Van Buren hits a takedown into half guard. Souza regains guard and spins for an armbar. 10-9 Van Buren.

Final result: Van Buren def. Souza by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Benito Lopez vs. Vince Morales

Round 1: Lopez opens with a jab and head kick attempt. Low kicks landing for him. One minute in. Morales has yet to throw anything, takes more leg kicks. Front kick to the body from Lopez. Another leg kick. Two minutes in. Morales tries a 1-2, blocked. Glancing high kick from Lopez. Morales still throwing pretty much nothing. Two minutes to go.

More low kicks, counter jab by Lopez. Head kick attempt. Morales falls short with a combo. He eats a leg kick, lands one in return. After minutes of inactivity, Morales uncorks an overhand right that floors Lopez. He follows him into guard and starts dropping punches, avoiding a triangle. He lets Lopez up when the submission isn’t there. Morales leg kick. Lopez lands one in return, tries a counter flying knee. 10-9 Morales.

Round 2: Lopez goes back to the low kicks. Lead right by Morales a minute in. Lopez checks a leg kick. Slow start to the round. Lopez leg kick. spinning back kick attempt two minutes in. Glancing straight right by Morales. Lopez low kick, aborted flying knee. Two minutes to go.

Morales first a combo, blocked. Double right connects. More Lopez leg kicks. Morales follows a hook with a right hand that lands, then a leg kick behind it. One minute to go. Morales catches a kick, can’t use it. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 3: Morales lands the first leg kick and some body punches. He catches a kick for a combo. Lopez leg kick, tries to go high behind it. Hard low-high combo from Morales a minute in, follows it with a left hook, avoids a flying knee. High-low sequence this time. Lopez spins him around with a leg kick. Two minutes in. Another Morales combo at the midway point of the round. Two minutes to go.

Morales with a counter three-piece, eats a leg kick. Body kick by Lopez with a minute to go, then more leg kicks. Morales rips the body, jab behind it. Lopez goes back to punishing the lead leg. Morales waves him on, whiffs on a swing, avoids a pair of kicks. 10-9 Morales.

Final result: Lopez def. Morales by unanimous decision