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                   Apparently the UFC has finalized a title fight for…                

   Cejudo vs faber for interim 145   

If this happens I will hold you personally responsible for it and I don’t want to have to do that, man.

I’m gonna guess we get a double announcement of Yan/Moraes at BW and something interim-y for JoeB and someone else.

thesportssoundoff: Some “suggestions” or chit …


Some “suggestions” or chit chat from Dana White:

-Apparently they “set a record” in Austrlaia although he never asked for the details on that. Said they think they’ll top the Ronda fight.

-Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya was in the running to headline in Abu Dhabi if they couldn’t get a deal done with Khabib.

-No Holloway/Volk fight for UFC 243. Don’t want Holloway making that quick turnaround with his weight cut.

-Said he’ll be “devastated” if Cormier retired but he wouldn’t be shocked.

Apparently they moved around 30,000 tickets on day one for the Australia card.



The more I hear about Zuffa boxing, the worst it sounds.

There was an interview shortly after the passing of those two boxers a few weeks ago with Dana where he was citing research that had been given to him from I think their attorney about relative concussive damage between boxing and other combat sports and how much higher it was and ALL I could think was “This is something you want to potentially lose hundreds of millions of dollars getting into?”


So apparently the UFC did the weight tracking for Casey Kenney and Manny Bermudez, realized one guy was not going to make weight or was going to cut it super close and then changed it to 140 lbs so both guys could make it safely without a fight getting nixed.

More of this but also make sure that the guy who did it moves up pls.