Did you hear about Northcutt having to have an…

Did you hear about Northcutt having to have an operation on his face after the cosmo fight? Who thought it was a good idea to put a young striker like him against such a seasoned vet? Does sage have any wrestling background he could have even fallen back on if he had managed to survive that punch?


Kinda. Sage did wrestle in high school, but from what I can gather he wasn’t really a standout wrestler (he placed at States tho). Plus Cosmo is a BJJ purple belt and we’ve seen Sage struggle with top position on the ground. I don’t really know what Cui and Chatri were thinking when they made this fight. Seemed like a recipe for disaster and now they’ve hurt their investment in a young, talented but deeply flawed fighter. Not like there isn’t a shortage of guys Sage could beat floating around at the bottom of their welterweight division either.